How to Disable Accelerated Graphics (GPU rendering) on Netbooks

IE 9 LogoIf you recently started to use the latest internet Explorer 9 on your Windows 7 operating system and you are experiencing a lower performance and lower speed of rendering of pages then it means that you need to turn off the GPU which is Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) for Internet explorer 9 as low end/low power computer or laptop don’t come up with too much graphics and with enabling GPU it tends to eat up the speed and performance due to lower processor speed due to which you may experience some performance issues with GPU turning ON. Please note that by default the GPU is turned ON, you need to turn OFF the same by following a simple procedure below.

Procedure to turn OFF the GPU in IE 9:

  • First up you need to Open Internet Explorer 9.
  • Then you need to click on the Tools icon which is generally located on the Gears on the right most side of the toolbar or alternatively you can also use the keyboard command, Alt+x and then you need to select Internet options as shown below.
  • internet options

  • As shown in the above screen shot, after opening the Internet Options, you need to select the Advanced tab.
  • Under the Accelerated graphics section, check the Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering check box.
  • advanced internet options

  • After un checking the option, you need to just click on the Apply and then you need to click on OK button.
  • After restarting the Internet Explorer the settings will be saved.

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