How to disable Stacking of windows in Windows 7

windows 7 LogoMany times in Windows 7, the same application gets stacked up automatically which may be very irritating some times. If there are many applications which are opened up then only luck will find the application which you are searching for. Now, let us see that how you can disable this irritating stacking feature which is a default feature by Windows 7.


Procedure to disable stacking in Windows 7:

  • First you need to right click on the task bar and need to select Properties just by clicking on it.


  • Now, a new window will be opening up which is Task bar and Start Menu Properties in which in go to Task bar appearances section and select there is a drop-down menu under Task bar buttons.

task bar and start menu options

never combine

  • Now, click on that drop down box and select the option Never combine and then click on Apply and then click on Ok.

task bar properties

Now, with this feature being disabled and you will find that all the windows too cluttered when you open many apps on the screen. For this, in the Task bar and Start menu properties, select the option Combine when task bar is full in the task bar buttons option as shown above so that all the applications of the same type are piled up so that you can differentiate easily.

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