How to Easily Reset your Windows 8 PC

We are in a great technological World where a lot of enhancements takes place day-to-day by various manufacturers to be in competition with others. Until now, we have seen an option of ‘Factory Reset’ in the smart phones and today ‘Microsoft’ made that option available on their Windows 8 PC. Isn’t it quite new? Of course Yes!, and everyone will appreciate this move form the Microsoft.

Now, you can easily reset and refresh your Windows 8 PC and say good bye to that old formatting stuff. Using ‘Reset’ option you can bring your PC back to normal as a new one. Even you can backup all your important data before resetting to use in the future.

How to Reset Windows 8 PC:

  • Just open the settings option on your PC and there you will find an option “Reset your PC and Start Over”.
  • Select the above option and now you get another window stating that “All your apps and files will be removes and your PC will be changed to their defaults”. Click “Next” to proceed further.


  • Next up, you will be prompted to choose an option for resetting your PC. It gives you two options, one is for permanently deleting files and other is associated with data security.
  • Choose any one option and next you you will get a “Reset” window. Just select that and wait for few minutes to complete the process of resetting.
  • Now, you PC will be restarted indicating that the resetting process is completed.

That’s it; you can now enjoy your PC from the initial stage as a new one.

Apart from resetting, Windows 8 PC also have an option called “Refresh”, using which you can refresh your PC without affecting any of your files.

So, that’s all for now, go on and gain a new experience on your Windows 8 PC.

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