How to enable compatibility view in Internet Explorer 9

IE 9 LogoInternet Explorer 9, the latest browser from Microsoft family has some glitches in its operations. Some of the users reported that web pages doesn’t render correctly with IE 9 as its evident because most of the web pages were designed for earlier functions and still some of them didn’t update. Not to worry, we will see now how you can improve the look of these sorts of websites just by enabling “compatibility view” which will render the web pages correctly.

Now, let’s check out two options with which you can enable compatible view by just following simple steps described below:

Procedure 1

  • After opening any web page, click on compatibility icon which is just next to URL as shown below. If the site is displayed in compatible view the icon will turn blue and if the compatible view is not enabled, the icon will remain white.

compatibility icon image

  • Now, to get out of compatibility view all you need to do is to just click again on the blue colored compatibility icon to make it white so that compatibility view is disabled.

Procedure 2

If you don’t want to set “compatibility view” every time for particular websites you can set the compatibility view for a list of particular websites so that every time one opens the website it will automatically switch to compatible mode.

  • Now, press “Alt” button so that you can see the tool bar option at the top. Now, you need to click on “Tools” and select “Compatibility View settings”.

internet explorer tools image

  • After clicking on “Compatibility View settings” option, a new pop up will be popped up where in you will be asked to add the websites in “Add this website field” and click on “Add” so that web pages which are added will be opened in compatibility mode by default.

compatibility view settings image

  • If you want to display all websites in Compatible view by default, you can do so by checking the option “Display all websites in compatibility view”.

enable compatible view

  • Now, after selecting the option “Display all web pages in compatibility view”, click on “close” and you can now view all web pages in the compatible view without needing to make changes every time you surf the net.

So, now in two different ways you can now enable compatibility view option so that the web pages rendering problem will be solved in the latest Internet explorer browser edition 9. For better page rendering you can also disable hardware acceleration in Internet explorer 9.


  1. Rita Walker says:

    not compatilble with windows 9 no icon on page to make compatible not avalible in my tools what next?

  2. bean says:

    Can I go back to IE7…..EI9 is one big HEADACHE…………so frustrating.

  3. Brenda says:

    This is good I was able to enable compactibilty by adding the website i.e followed the intructions above. Thanks God bless.

  4. Deepak Kataria says:

    not resolve my problem through compatible settings. now what next ??

  5. Warraich says:

    Rita, follow the step 2. Select “tools” and then “Compatibility view”…
    It solved my problem.

  6. Paul says:

    If there is no icon, that usually means that compatibility mode is on. It will only display when a site compatible with 9 is active, and it gives you the option to turn to compatibility mode.
    Hope that makes sense!

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