How to Enable Windows Numeric KeyPad Onscreen Keyboard

If you use the latest Windows 7 and want to enable the on screen keyboard with the numeric keys disabled then let’s check out how you can do so very easily. By default, you can enable the key pad so that you can input the numbers very easily. On–Screen Keyboard basically is an utility which displays a virtual keyboard on the computer screen that allows people with mobility impairments to type data by using a pointing device or joystick. Besides providing a minimum level of functionality for some people with mobility impairments, On–Screen Keyboard can also help people who do not know how to type. And also the on screen keyboard eliminates the want of the physical keyboard which sometimes is a boon.

Basically with the On–screen Keyboard has three typing modes you can use to type data:

  • In clicking mode, you can select the on-screen keys to type text.
  • In scanning mode, On-Screen Keyboard continually scans the keyboard and highlights areas where you can type keyboard characters by pressing a hot key or by using a switch–input device.
  • In hovering mode, you use a mouse or joystick to point to a key for a predefined period of time, and the selected character is typed automatically.

Procedures to enable Windows Numeric key pad onscreen keyboard:

  • Now, you need to Open the Onscreen Keyboard first and then you just need to click the Orb, select All Programs, Accessories and need to select Ease of Access
  • Now, you need t Go to the bottom, right hand side of the keyboard and click the Options key.

on screen keyboard

  • Next up, you need to check the Turn on numeric key pad check box as shown below.

turn on numeric keypad

  • Now, just Click on OK as shown below, after which you can see the on screen keypad on your Windows 7 operating system.

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