How to free Space on Windows Hard Disk

There are large number of temporary files stored in your computer which might be rarely used by you or might be never been used. This contribute to waste space on your computer and may even slow down your computer. You might delete it by using any paid software but also we have free windows utility available in all Windows versions.

All the version of windows includes Disk Cleanup utility which will help you to remove all the temp files and other files which contribute to waste space.

The Disk Cleanup removes the following files-

  • Remove temporary Internet files
  • Empty Recycle Bin
  • Remove Windows temporary files
  • Remove downloaded program files- Active X controls & java applets
  • Remove optional windows components
  • Remove installed program which are not used now
  • Setup Log files
  • Offline files
  • Compressions of old files
  • Download Program files

1. From ‘Start’ button navigate to my computer and open all the drives that you have on your PC.Free Space on Computer

2. Now select the drive on computer and navigate to Properties of it by right click and then the options.
Free Space on your Computer

3. Now you have whole list of properties of that particular drive listed before you. You would be easily locate Disk Cleanup at the properties. Click on it to launch the Disk Cleanup wizard.
Free Space on Computer

4. Disk Cleanup then calculate the empty space which you would be able to free on selected drive. In this process it will scan for all the temporary files, compress old files and other waste files and will provide you an analysis of how much amount that you can free it up. This process can be canceled in between too.

Free Space on Computer

5. So then you have list of which files can be cleaned up and how much amount of memory you would be freeing it up. There are total a number of applications added to the list.Free Space on Computer

6. Once clicked on OK, you will be able to cleanup unnecessary files on your computer.

Free Space on Computer

Repeat this process for other drives present on your computer and it could free a large amount of space. This will cleanup all the files which are junk into your computer. Re

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