How to Import Gmail into Windows Live Mail Account

Live Mail LogoOf late Google has significantly optimized its products to satisfy the ever growing needs of the people and so does many people started moving to adopt Gmail. But if you are the one who can’t stop use an all new Windows Mail which too recently optimized its Mail offering to address the ever growing needs. So, let’s check out how you can import all your Gmail mails comfortably into the Windows Live Mail effortlessly. Please note that in this process there is no risk involved as all mails will be easily transferred into your Windows Live Mail easily.

Procedure to Import Gmail into Windows Live Mail Account:

  • First you will need to Log into your Windows live mail account.
  • Now, you will need to go to Accounts tab option after which you need to choose Email option as shown below.

Quick Mail Live Mail

  • After that you need to fill in your email account information like username and password, please note that you need to set your display name and then simply click on Next.

add email account

  • After entering in the details of login and password, you need to next click up on the Next button after which you will see that Windows live mail will notice you if your account was added successfully or not. After that you will need to click on Finish.

Email Account added

  • Next up, you will have to wait for the program to download lists of folder available in the mailbox. The speed of this mainly depends on your internet connection, if the internet connection is slow then it will take quite a time and if its speed then it will be done fast.

downloading folders

As, you can see in the above snapshot the transferring process starts and then as soon as this completed, your Gmail account mails will be transferred in your Windows Live mail as shown below. So, in this way you can easily transfer all your Gmail mails into your new Windows Live Mail accounts effortlessly by folllowing the above procedure.

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