How to Increase Screen Font Size on Windows 7

Not everyone has the perfect eye sight and keeping this in mind, I think the Operating System were developed to allow users to increase font size, screen size and resolution. Sometimes it’s hard to read the small text for some users and in such cases you can increase the size of screen fonts to make the text easily readable.

Increasing the Size of Screen Fonts

To increase the size of the text or any other item on your screen, you need to follow the steps mentioned below –

  1. Click on Start button, type Display and in the results select ‘Display’.
  2. Now then the display screen will come up before you and you can choose from font size either Small or Medium. Click on Apply.Windows 7 Display Settings
  3. You would be required to log off to make the changes.Windows 7 Display Screen
  4. Login and check whether the settings have taken place or not.

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