How to Increase Wireless Network Speed and Performance

wireless router helpIf are in the middle of slow internet connection or through a weak Wi Fi Signal that means that your connection isn’t as fast or it can’t be reliable. The issue might be also of the latest firmware updates not been installed on your modem or router. Generally if you have 1 Mbps internet connection at your home then you would get the downloading rate of 120 kbps but if it doesn’t show you then you need to improve your wireless network speed.

Keep Wireless Router or Modem in the Central Location
The place where you keep your wireless router or modem plays an important role in the signal strength. It advised to keep your modem or router in the central location in your home. If it’s in the one corner of your home, then naturally the signals would be weak on the other side of the room. If you have a duplex home, then place the router high on a shelf no matter you reaches that height or not, you would easily get good signal strength in corners of your room. It’s always better to experiment for perfect Wi-Fi reception. If you can’t move it position there are still other ways to improve connection strength.

Router away from Metal Objects

It’s noted that wall and floors disrupts wireless routers signals but you should also keep your router away from metal objects as they give you more severe interference and so would be the weaker connection for you. The metal object should be avoided near the wireless router. Its also noted that old building walls blocks the signals more than the newly constructed homes.

Replace Router Antenna

Like I said earlier in the first para, don’t worry if you can’t move your router to the central location of home. Instead you can change the antenna if possible. All the antennas supplied with routers are omnidirectional, i.e., they broadcast in all directions around the router. So if your router is in one corner of the room them half of your wireless signals will be sent outside your home leading to wastage of power. So if your router’s antenna is removable then you can upgrade to a high gain which allows more precise targeting of the signals. When you have directional antennas, more power would be sent in the direction of the receiver, thus increasing the received signal strength.

These antennas are priced anything from $ 10 to $ 50 and they can replace the normal antenna with plug and use.

Replace wireless PC card Network Adapter

For the laptops that don’t have built-in wireless networking, you might be using laptop’s PC card based wireless network adapter. If you replace it with the USB wireless network adapter, it provide you provision for adding an external high gain antenna to your computer thus extending your wireless reception.

Adding Wireless Repeater

As you know that wireless repeaters are used to extend the wireless network range without adding wires or hassle. This is ideal for large houses and offices. You can place wireless repeater halfway between your wireless router and you can carry the same signal strength. The recent routers comes with wireless N capabilities of repeating the wireless strength if they are connected to other routers.

Change Wireless Channel

Recent wireless routers technology adds different channels to the routers because sometimes one wireless channel is clearer than other band receptions. If you have wireless router with different channels then try experimenting the connection signal strength through your router configuration.

The router configuration on D-Link & Netgear can be access by typing on your PC or laptop easily or you can visit the manufacturer’s webpage for documentation.

Reduce Wireless Interference

Many of the devices like cordless phone, microwave ovens and door openers uses wireless electronics technology which operates at a frequency of 2.4 G hz. The same common frequency is used by wireless G routers too which has frequency reception ranging from 2.4 Ghz to 5 Ghz. When the other device operates in that range you get wireless interference. This can be reduced by avoiding wireless electronics devices from operating at that frequency range. Likewise, cordless phone can use 5.8 Ghz or 900 Mhz frequencies and same as 2G mobile can operate at 900 Mhz easily.

Update Network Adapter Drivers

A router manufacturers from time to time make free improvements to their routers. All the time there updates are for improvements and provides higher security. To get the latest firmware updates for your router you need to visit your router manufacturer’s site.

Equipment from Single Vendor

There exist so many router manufacturing companies. Although router and adapter from any companies work better but if you pick up both network adapter and router from the same vendor you would get a performance boost. Linksys routers come with SpeedBooster technology for wireless G devices and D-Link comes with 108G enhancement for its wireless G devices.

Upgrading Wireless Technology

The technology is updating and we have encountered updates with wireless routers too. Wireless network with 802.11g are the most common routers but wireless N router (802.11n) offers twice faster speed, range and stability. Upgrade to all the version like Upgrade 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g devices to 802.11n is possible.

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