How to Install a TTF Font on Windows 7 Computer

There are a lot many free fonts available for downloads. In this present guide you will learn on how to install a font in Windows 7 PC.

The first thing to make sure that you should download Windows 7 fonts. You can find fonts at ready for download. So select one which you want to use it on your PC and download it.

Installing a Font in Windows 7

You can install a font on your Windows 7 PC in two ways –

Method 1

  • Download the font.
  • Unzip the download folder.
  • Right click on the font file and select Install.Install fonts

Method 2
You can also install a font through font manager, by doing the following –

  • Download a font
  • Unzip the font which is download.
  • Click the Start button and type font to go to the Fonts Settings Page.
  • Now drag the font file into the Font Manager.Install a font
  • Your font would automatically installed.

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