How to Install Windows 8 from Bootable USB Flash Drive – Tutorial

Finally the Windows 8 Operating System is available for download by the Microsoft Developer Team following which you can easily install the dev version on your computer for free. To get started you need to download the right version from based on the system type from 32-bit to 64-bit.

Next you need to get a ISB Flash Drive with a minimum capacity of 4Gb because the installation data is in the range of 2-3 Gb based on the version you select. Following are the step by step procedures for the whole OS Installation process.

  • You need to run the Command Prompt on your computer. For this Click on Start > Search for ‘cmd’ and then right click on this and select ‘Run as Administrator’ option.
    Cmd Run as Administrator
  • Next you need to enter List Disk in the Command Prompt to find out all the connected drives like the Internal HDD & the external USB Drive. Following this you need to select the USB Flash Drive which in this case is the ‘Disk 1’.
    DiskPart Windows 8 USB Drive
  • Next you need to Clean this drive for which you need to enter the command ‘CLEAN’ following which you need to create a partition for which you need to enter ‘CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY’ which would succeed in creating the specific partition. Following this you need to select by entering ‘SELECT PARTITION 1’ followed by entering ‘ACTIVE’ to make the new partition in active mode.
    Clean Partition Windows 8 USB Drive
    The next step would be to Format the external drive to NTFS partition which would take a few seconds to minutes based on the drives speed. Once this is done you need to Assign and then enter the folder where you have the Windows 8 Installation Files stored on your computer. In our case we have extracted all the ISO files at C:/win folder location on the computer. Next you need to come out of the default partition and then enter the win folder by entering ‘CD WIN’, followed by entering ‘CD BOOT’.
    Boot Format Windows 8 USB Drive

Thats it, you have successfully created a bootable USB Windows 8 Pen Drive which you can use to install the OS on any laptop or netbook using the booting option at start-up. Once you have installed everything you would get the following Home Start Screen.

Windows 8 Home Start Screen

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  1. Till now Win8 didn’t got downloaded on my computer, how will I do?? 🙁
    Seems its going to take 2 days to download.. ;'(

  2. Very Good Post, I like it , Just downloading Windows 8 , Thank you

  3. great i need to try this OS soon…

  4. Is it possible to install it in a clean partition of the hard drive using the USB method?

  5. thanx for the tutorial sir

  6. Where do i put the files in USB ??? seperate folder ???

  7. Can you share the download link for 32 bit. I could not find it on the microsoft developer center…

  8. What would cause my USB stick to become unusable and when I go to format it in Windows it says it’s unknown size and I can’t get it to work in the cmd anymore??


    DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.


    No usable free extent could be found. It may be that there is insufficient
    free space to create a partition at the specified size and offset. Specify
    different size and offset values or don’t specify either to create the
    maximum sized partition. It may be that the disk is partitioned using the MBR di
    partitioning format and the disk contains either 4 primary partitions, (no
    more partitions may be created), or 3 primary partitions and one extended
    partition, (only logical drives may be created).


    Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
    ——– ————- ——- ——- — —
    Disk 0 Online 298 GB 0 B
    Disk 1 No Media 0 B 0 B
    Disk 2 No Media 0 B 0 B
    * Disk 3 Online 14 GB 0 B

  10. You missed out that you have to run diskpart, otherwise most of it makes no sense.

  11. Hi Amit,

    thanks for the tutorial. I believe you are missing the part were I should copy and paste the files to the usb or something.

  12. i tried typing LIST DISK in cmd i get this error
    “List is not recognized as an internal or external command ”
    operable Program or batch file

  13. thanx for the tut. will bookmark this page! 🙂

  14. Will look into that, but yes you need to copy the data to the USB drive.

  15. In the main folder itself.

  16. sir… u r my guru..sir liked it

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