How to Make Windows Vista Look Like Windows 7

Win Vista LogoIf you are the one who are bored with the Windows Vista look then we will tell you on how you can get a Windows 7 themed look on your Windows Vista operating system. So, let’s get started and see on how you can make Windows Vista look like Windows 7 operating system. Just by using some simple MS Styles, wallpaper change along with the simple process to change the sidebar along with the small registry entries change, you can make your Vista look like Windows 7 based computer with interface look alike. To make sure that the transparency options of Windows 7 are matched, make sure that you have downloaded and installedVista Glass.

Procedure to apple Windows 7 styled theme:

  • First of all you will have to download the Windows 7 for Vista theme by
  • Now, after downloading you need to make sure that you are running Aero effect.
  • Now, open to export the Windows M3 directory from the RAR file to C:\Wiondows\Resources\Themes and simply open the Windows M3 directory and double-click on Windows M3.msstyles
  • When the Appearance Settings window appears, select Apply and then click the OK button.

Win 7 look in Win Vista

Procedure to apply Windows 7 Wallpaper:

  • To bring a feel of Windows 7 on your Vista based system, you need to download Windows 7 theme packs which will give the feel.

Procedure to apply Desktop Gadgets:
For hiding the sidebar and to retain the gadgets, you need to follow these quick steps which are mentioned below:

  • First, you need to drag any Gadgets which you wish to use, from the Sidebar to the desktop and once the gadgets have been moved then you need to right click on the sidebar and then you need to select the close sidebar.
  • Now, for changing the task bar for showing the icons in the pack you need to modify the Windows registry to get the gain of the effect. If you don’t want to make changes in reg edit manually then you can download this Quick Reg File and simply right click on it and choose to merge on your computer.
  • After the registry has been changed, log off your system. When you log back into your system, you will see that the Windows 7 effect will be in place.

win 7 taskbar

As shown above after modifying the theme you can see that the taskbar will be looked like as shown above.

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