How to Password protect Internet Explorer Browser

Open the Internet Explorer Browser on your desktop or from the main menu. When you have opened the Internet Explorer browser, navigate to menu, park there and then select tools when the drop down menu pops up. Park on Tools and another drop down menu will pop up, and then from there you have to select, Internet Options. From the drop down menu that comes up after selecting Internet options, select, Content.

When you are now on the content advisor section, click settings, and another window will open. Navigate your way to the ‘approved sites tab’ and enter the websites that can be accessed without the prompt of a password. That is anyone can access these websites and select ‘always.’ Enter the URLs of the websites that you want to block and ‘password – protect’ from everyone else, then select ‘never.’

Your next step is to create the password. Click on the General tab, where different labeled sections will come up. Go to the supervisor section where you will find the option to create your new password. Navigate to the User options section where you have to select the option ‘users can see sites with no rating.’ This will allow users to access the websites that have not been specified in the approval or restriction section.

The next step is to enable the Content advisor before you exit Internet Explorer. Restart your computer so that all the changes that you have made may be effected. From hence forth, no one will be able o access any website that you did not include in the list. It will prompt for a supervisor password, instead before opening the page. No one can access the particular website without entering the password.

If you want to restrict total access to Internet explorer, all you do is adjust the ratings slider that you came across when you were choosing which sites to allow and which ones not to allow. Adjust it to ‘none’ and no website will be accessible to anyone who doesn’t have a password.

An alternative to the steps above is the use of IEProtect. This is software that enables you to password protect full websites, and access to some software on your computer. It enables you to block access to websites that contain your online banking and insurance information. It also keeps the children in check by blocking, adult content sites or online games.

The free trial version of this software can be downloaded from the Internet, within minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connectivity.. It is compatible with Windows NT4, XP and Vista. You can also purchase it online for a reasonable price when you are satisfied with the trial version.

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