Perform Clean up & Make PC Faster in Windows XP

Computer RepairWindows XP is among the most popular version of the Windows ever released and there are many customers who still prefer to be with Windows XP although we have several advanced releases like Windows Vista & Windows 7.

Certain times your Windows XP system can be slowed in both performance and working, so that it can take much time to start. Generally it can upto 1-2 minutes from the normal 20-30 seconds. So does this means that you need to do something like start cleanup or require maintenance?

Cleaning up your PC can be really time consuming, tedious and boring process.
The following article would explain whether cleaning is necessary for your computer or not and then you can make your own decision to take a step ahead and move forward.

Pros of Cleanup in Windows XP

The following are the beneficts that you get once you are done with Cleaning up your Windows XP system.

In computer terms speed is defined as the pace (time) with which the application launches or your PC starts.  To determine whether you need to increase the system speed compare between the speed of – When you first install Windows on your PC speed vs the speed with which your PC is running now. This would clearly tell you the result whether your PC is alright or needed attention.

Now there are many reason by which you PC can work at slower speed which includes lot of applications running, registry, cookies on your browser, temporary files, prefetch files, windows old & temporary files, junk files and lot more. A cleanup with all those above unwanted files can makes your PC work faster.

Now there are lot of Windows Task and options available which are –
Disk Cleanup- To free up compressed old files, unwanted files, temporary files from your system.

Error Checking
This will check out for volume errors on your hard disk.
Defragmentation- Defragment is the way to arrange files in order manner.
Registry Cleanup- Using external software you can cleaup the registry
External Software- Using other downloadable software you can speed up your PC using software’s like CCleaner, Auslogic BootSpeed, etc.,.

When your PC is clean and away from suspicious files, spywares and virus its gives more reliability that your PC will last long. Or else if you don’t cleanup your PC then it will become unstable and results in hanging of the PC, system crashing and would be taking ample amount of time to respond to a program.


Like the famous saying – ‘Stitch in times saves nine’ the repair of minor problems related to your PC can crash your hard disk. So its better to repair your PC from time to time.

Cons of Cleanup in Windows XP

Time Consumption
Cleaning up your PC can take a good amount of time and it can even take more time if the cleaning is not done from many days. The time for cleaning process can be reduced by regular scheduled cleanup.

No one can guarantee that how time would it approximately take to perform cleanup but your time would be pay off in the end when your PC is working fine.

Every one is bothered that cleaning the PC can take a considerable amount of time and so making you boar just sitting before PC and performing the task since each actions requires attention. You are true about the words that it can boar you up.

The Verdict

We just have gone to each point and we highly suggest you to do. We see that there is more advantages rather than any disadvantage of cleanup to your PC. Now just before your start cleaning up your PC you should be follow some precautions since deleting of any files which is important can take reverse effect. Here are some of the precautions to follow

  • Don’t delete files without knowing what are they for.
  • Make periodic backups of your files
  • Be sure of what you are deleting
  • Double check if any desktop prompts you to do
  • Have a scheduled System Restore

To perform a 100 % there are lot of paid software available in the market and as known fact free software can be handy but doesn’t do the 100% work.

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