How to prevent Guest user from Shutting down your computer

You might be thinking is this of so much importance to know and waste your time reading this post, let me tell you why preventing a Guest user from shutting down and starting your computer is useful.

A Guest User or anyone with Local access could gain unauthorized access to your computer and your important files and folders by shutting down and then starting up your computer.

So to prevent this from happening you should make sure that your Guest account does not have the Shut Down option in the Start menu in the lower right side of the menu.

Follow these simple steps and you can Prevent Guest user from Shutting Down your computer:

  1. Go into the Start Menu and then Control panel where you can find System and Security in the top left of the box as shown in the image below, click on that link and you will be directed to another Window.
  2. In the System and Security window you will be able to see many options but we have to choose theAdministrative Tools link which is the last link in the window as seen in the image below
  3. A Window Open when you click on the Administrative Tools with many links in it, but we have to go into Local Security Policy, which is the 6th link from top as seen in the image below.
  4. Local Security Policy window will again show many folders out of which we need to choose Local Policies – Auditing, user rights and security option.
  5. This Link will later lead to another Window with 3 Links in it namely Audit Policy, User Rights Assignments , Security Options. User ,Rights Assignments is the where we have to go.
  6. User Rights Assignment will open up into many policies out of which we have to ensure that the Shut Down The System policy doesn’t list the Guest account.
  7. If Shut Down the System Policy lists the Guest Account then you have to Right click on the Link as seen in the image below and a new window will be opening.
  8. You can Remove the Users who have access to Shut Down the Computer by selecting the user and Clicking the Remove button as shown in the Image below.
  9. You can also Add Guest User or any new user to the list to give access by by clicking the Add User or Group which will lead to another box Select Users or Groups.
  10. In this select Users or Groups you will be seeing an option showing Enter the object names to select, here you have to write down the name of the user account or the guest user and Check name if it is valid or not and then click OK

You can Remove or Add a User or Group to the Shut down list in this manner.

By doing so we can protect our privacy.

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  1. Thanks for the article.
    Two comments.
    In step 7, I wanted to note that the Guest Account is covered in the “Users” group, which needs to be removed.
    Secondly, it is too bad that windows doesn’t allow the differentiation between blocking shut down, sleep and hibernate. I just want to block the shut down which forces the logout of all active users. I would prefer that a user could hibernate the machine if it is no longer currently in use. But for the moment, that’s where my power policy comes in!

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