How to Print wirelessly from Windows Phone with RoboPrint

Printing is one of the common stuff that the technical individuals would regularly do, but the printing is usually possible through computers and printers connected to them. There has always been a difficulty in printing stuff directly from any mobile devices. But for the Windows Phone 7 users, there is an app that would help in printing the content that is available on the phone. Unlike the few other apps you don’t necessarily need to be connected through Wi-Fi. It just needs your phone and the printer to be connected to the internet and they are reachable by the internet when needed for printing.

roboprint windows phone roboprint

You can create separate profiles for your home printers, office printers and save them for anytime use. The printer need not be available locally for printing, but you just need to be making sure that they are connected to the internet, and you can print directly from the phone anywhere in the world.
Here is how Roboprint works –
The Roboprint app provides you with a free Windows Host appication that you need to install to the computer which is attached to the printer that you want to use. Using this application you can connect to the Windows Phone and access the files, and select the ones to print. This connection is done wirelessly taking the help of the internet. The same phone can be connected to multiple computers using the windows host application.

roboprint settings roboprint account

Here are a few features of the Roboprint app –

  • Print Gmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail, PDF, Images
  • Print and connect to multiple computers from the same Windows Phone 7 phone
  • Printing can happen using any connection – 3G/4G/Wi-Fi or lower standard phone data connection
  • Create multiple profiles to easily recognize and print

The supported types for printing are –

  • PDF,
  • DOC, DOCX,
  • XLS, XLSX,
  • PPT, PPTX,
  • TXT,
  • HTML

Check the video to see how the Roboprint app works and how to print the content from the phone.

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