How to Search for Contents Inside Files in Windows 7

Searching for Files and Folders in all the version of Windows is very easy, thanks to search button officially provided by Microsoft. Windows 7 makes the search of the files & folders inside your computer very easy & more sophisticated. Windows 7 takes the search to little more advanced version by allowing users to searching of not only the files and folders but also the content inside the files in Windows 7. You can learn more about Windows 7 Tips & Tricks in order to get more out of your operating system.

It might happen that you don’t even remember the file name and you want to retrieve the file out of huge collection of files and folders in your Windows 7. Generally if its arranged data then you might remember & find the file, but what if all the data are not arranged properly. Worst would be the case if you forget the file name or the folder name.

The options of ‘Always search files name & content’ under ‘Folder Options’ performs the task of searching for the results inside the file, specifically if you are looking for some content. For example- I was looking for Tata Broadband login username & password which is written as the content in a notepad but the file name was something else which I don’t remember, the Windows 7 search would preferable do my work since I remember a little content inside that file.

To enable deep searching of files and folders in Windows 7 you need to enable it and then you can use that feature. Obviously it would be taking a extra amount of time to perform such actions.

Here is the procedure on how you enable the deep search in Windows 7.

1. Launch my computer or explorer
2. Now press ALT to access the menu bar.
3. Go to Tools & then navigate to Folder Options.

Folder Options
4. In the Folder options you would be able to see the Search tab and under that you will find ‘Always search file name and content (this might take several minutes)‘ and then click on Apply or OK to take the settings into effect sooner.Folder Options

So from now you would be able to search for content inside files like .txt, .docx, .zip, .rar but it would take little to perform the action.

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