How to simply Add or Change Search Engines in Internet Explorer 9

IE 9 LogoBy default Internet explorer 9 comes with a search engine of Bing, many of us would want to change this to either Google or Yahoo search or also to some other search engine of your choice. Now, we will see how you can change / add / remove it to other search engine.

Procedure to add search provider:

  • First, you will need to open IE9 and type a search term in the address bar. When the suggestions appear on the screen then all you will need to do is to just, click on Add at the bottom as shown below.


  • Now, you will be redirected to Add on’s gallery page. To add a search provider, all you need to do is to click on Add to Internet Explorer.

add on home

  • After clicking on Add to Internet Explorer from the above option window, the Add Search Provider window will be popped up and now click on OK to add. If you want to set it as your default search provider then check the option Make this my default search provider and there you go, you have successfully changed the default search provider.

add search provider

Procedure to manage search providers (set Default or Remove)

  • First go to tools and if you can’t see Tools option on the IE 9 window, then just key in Alt tab in your key board and you can see that Tool bar will be popped up.
  • Now, in the Tools, click on Manage Add-ons option.

manage add ons

  • Now, in the Manage Add ons window, you can select the search providers option from the left pane and you can remove the unwanted search preference or also you can set your preferred search provider as your default search engine. And also you can prevent programs from suggesting changes to make it default provider by simply checking this option.

manage add ons window

  • Now after making all the changes its time to click on Close to close the window and enjoy the internet browsing according to your favorite preferences.

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  1. Guys note that you can’t get to any search options unless under tools/manage addons,search options, “search in address bar” is checked. Just why anyone would want to seach in the address bar is beyond me but since I unchecked it while trying to replace “norton” as what looked to me as the default search window it took me some two hours to find my mistake.

  2. Boy, you sure made this harder! Trying to drive traffic to Bing, I suppose. I should not have to do an internet search and come here to find out how to do this. Hint: It’s *much* easier to choose an alternative search provider in Firefox.

  3. …I also see gkmorgan’s comment “why anyone would want to seach in the address bar is beyond me” has languished in the comment field without response for nearly a year. Answer? I would *really* rather have a separate search field from the address field.

  4. Mike its a feature which is available in Google Chrome and which many users love to get it on their browser ie IE which is why it was suggested.

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