How to Smartly Update your Windows 7?

windows 7 update logoWindows Update, be it security patches or prevention from latest threats windows update has it all, so have you ever though how to activate this windows update option if your system doesn’t receive any sort of updates. These updates sometimes are critical as Microsoft further tries to fine tune your PC or laptop for a better performance. It’s not necessary that you should go for each and every update but it is always recommended that you should always update if it’s important as you will be intimated that whether updates are important or not as Microsoft categorizes the updates differently as important, recommended and also optional.

So how can you access to all these 3 different update classifications, yes its simple though it will need few clicks which will take you to these 3 options wherein you can choose according to the recommendations given above.

First you need to go to “Start”, if you can see “Windows Update” click on that or you can find this “Windows Update” option by clicking on “Programs”.
windows update2. As soon as you click on “Windows Update” a new window will be opened wherein you will find options like “Restore hidden updates” and “check for updates” in the left pane. If you click on “Restore hidden updates” then you will be shown a list of updates if there are any and if you click on “Check for updates” then it will manually check for the updates, if there are any updates it will again show a list of updates wherein you can choose accordingly for downloading and installing the same.

You can see in the above “Windows Update” tool that there are 46 optional updates. Though its not necessary to install the optional updates as you can also see a message that “No important updates available”. If suppose say, you have 2 important updates then you will be notified as like “You have 2 important updates available” then its recommended to install those. Like wise if your Windows 7 is up to date then your computer will read out the message as shown below:

windows is up to dateAlso, not e that apart from important updates and hidden updates there is also an another option which is called as “optional updates”. The optional updates generally carry information like language support packs and other patch files which Microsoft sends regularly from time to time to repair minor problems.

choose when to install updatesYou can also schedule your updates manually or automatically as shown below, all you need to select is the option which is “change settings” after which a pop up window will be coming from which you can select the preferred timing or also you can select it to automatic.

Always its suitable as well as convenient to hide the optional updates which is almost a good idea as it keeps your computer clean with all unwanted patch files. You have also learnt that how you can restore the hidden updates and also if any new update is downloaded and installed, a restore point is always created automatically, just in case if any thing goes wrong then you have an option to roll back the updated updates.

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