How to Sort in Alphabetical Order in MS Word & Excel

An ordered list in a form looks better to sort out rather than a unorganized list. By arranging text in sorted order you can easily remove the duplicates from more than occurrence and the list looks perfectly sorted.

Sort in Alphabetical Order in Excel

Sorting a group of list in alphabetical order in Excel is quite easier.

  • You need to open your list first.Short Ascending in Excel
  • Select on the column which you want to sort and then select Sort Ascending from the Formatting toolbar.Short Ascending in Excel
  • You can also select Sort Descending button to sort the selection so that the highest values are at the top of the column selected.

Once you click on it you will see the list is automatically alphabetized.

This operation can be applied to many columns at one click and easy enough to save the time.

Sort in Alphabetical Order in Word

You can also do the same thing in the Microsoft Word document that you have. Just select the text in your word document, click on Table and then select Sort button.Sort WordIts just the same with Google Docs and the procedure overall remains same in where documents or office you choose.

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