How to Sort in Alphabetical Order in MS Word & Excel

Microsoft OfficeMany of the users who recently started using the Microsoft Word might encounter with an issue or doubt on how you can easily sort in the alphabetical order in the Microsoft Word as in the Microsoft Excel. This feature is very useful when you have a list of items and you want to quickly sort them in ascending or descending order. All thanks to the Word as well as Excel which comes along with many hidden set of features. Basically the sorting thing is very useful and is also is very convenient to use. So, let’s check out on how you can easily sort the alphabets in Microsoft Excel.

Sort alphabets in Excel:

  • First up you will have to enter in the things in the Excel just like they are mentioned below and then you will have to load the list accordingly in the column wise.
  • Excel Entries

  • Now, after entering the entries, next up you will have to click on the Data tab which is shown below and then you need to choose Sort & Filter section.
  • Data Tab in Excel

  • Now, just select the individual cells or just select the entire column of contents depending on which rows or the columns you wish to alphabetize as shown below that is from AZ or from ZA which are shown in the Data tab which is ascending or descending.
  • Alphabetize

  • So, that’s it after selecting the entries you have successfully alphabetized the contents and then similarly you can manage the content by selecting the same. If you have a list of names, like in the example below, you can choose which column you want to alphabetize on, but you need to make sure to select all the columns.
  • Sort

So, if you have got the multiple columns and want to alphabetize the selected part then you need to change or set the preferences as mentioned above. Alternatively you can also choose the column and then choose if you want to alphabetize ascending or descending. If you have first names and last names in different columns. Now, up next check out on how to do the same in Microsoft Word.

Sort alphabets in office:

  • First up you will have to type in the content as shown in the below format and then you need to select the items which you wish to itemize the things alphabetically and then you will see the AZ button in the home tab as shown below,
  • Sorting in Word

  • After selecting the content and the AZ button from the home tab itself you will see that the content will get re arranged automatically,
  • Sort text

  • After selecting , you will get the notification on sorting the text after which you need to fill in the preferences as shown above and click on “Ok”. After clicking on “Ok” you will see that the contents will be sorted out accordingly and it will be alphabetized as shown below.
  • alphabetized in Word

  • Now, if suppose there are any sorts of comas are there in the same line then you will have to further fine tune the sorting settings or else it will only sort according to the first letter of that line and it will ignore the content which is there after the tab or after the comma. So, here we need to give the settings as mentioned below,
  • Sorting Options

  • Now, just Select the text and then click on the sorting button again. Now click on Options and you’ll see this dialog.

So, that’s it by following the above procedure, you can easily sort the columns as well as the row contents in the Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word easily as per your needs and requirements. Do, let us know if you come across any issues in the comment section below as we will help you in learning the Word or even Excel.

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