How to Split larger files in smaller size in Windows XP

file splitter logoWe have many splitting and joining multiple files to transfer larger files and also splitting large files in Windows and Mac tools but this tool is different from the two as this tool doesn’t require and joining of the files which are split. If you ever wanted to share that splitted file with other person through an e mail then the receiver should also possess the file splitter and if this tool is not present with the person to whom you have mailed this file then file becomes useless as it can’t be joined without the splitter.

Now file joining and splitting with the same software will be the thing of past as we will tell, how you can you get rid of joining and splitting with a free file splitter software tool. As the name suggests, this free file splitter tool splits the files but one doesn’t need to join again as it creates an executable file and when the same is launched it joins all smaller pieces making into one.Let’s check out how you can use this software tool.

Procedure to split file into smaller size:

  • First you need to download this free file splitter tool

save file

  • Now, click on “Save File”” and then it will start downloading, file size is not so big, its around 316 KB so it will download quickly. Now as soon as the downloading is finished, right click on downloaded file and open the file.

downloaded splitter

  • As soon as you open the downloaded file, you will be welcomed with a setup screen, click on “Next” to proceed.

welcome setup screen

  • As soon as you hit on “next”, check “I accept the agreement” option and click on “next” to proceed. If you check “I do not accept the agreement” option then the application installer will be cancelled.

license agreement

  • After clicking on “next”, you will be asked to select the location of where you want to store this application, select the path and proceed by clicking on “next”.

select the destination

  • Now click on “next” and within a maximum of 3 seconds this software tool will be installed within a flash.

installation finished

  • Now un check the boring option of “View Read me file” and click on “finish” . The file splitter software will open automatically.

file splitter menu

  • Now when installation is finished, you will see a file splitter menu dash board wherein you need to choose the input file and output file

enter file splitter details

  • Now, enter the “input” and “out put” file, after entering input and out put file, you can also select size of each part and then click on “split”

splitted files

  • As you can see that  i have successfully splitted up the file, the left side is the splitted file and the right side is the executable batch file which will help in compiling the same. Now as soon as you click on this batch file, it will run in DOS screen and will be compiled to make one complete file. The compiled file will be stored on desktop.

batch file

When i clicked on the batch file, the compilation was so fast that it didn’t even a second to compile that and the compiled file is converted into the RAR file which can be opened easily. If you don’t know how to open the rar files then check out the simple procedure to unrar the files. So now you have successfully learnt to split the file into small pieces.

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  1. This is good! solved my issue on transferring big files..thanks a lot!

  2. Glad we could help you!

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