How to Transfer the Music and Pictures from PC to Nokia Lumia 800 Windows phone

Windows Phone has wide variety of features to access and there is always something left to learn about it. So, now let’s check out how to transfer the music files and pictures from your PC to Nokia Lumia 800 Windows phone. Unlike other handsets where you can directly sync and copy files between your phone and PC, Windows Phone has separate secured process to do that using, which you can also sync the files from its market place.

How To Transfer Music files and Pictures from PC to your Nokia Lumia 800:

  • Initially, download a software called “Zune” on your PC and run it on your computer.
  • Now, connect both the PC and phone using the USB cable. As soon as the connection is established, Zune will start up automatically. If you are using this Zune for the first time, then you will need to complete the setup as per the instructions.
  • Next, click on the “Collection” option at the top of the Zune where you will be getting some more options like music, videos, pictures, podcasts and channels.


  • So, now click on the music option. It will display all the music files on your PC and then select the files which you want to transfer.
  • Drag all those files to the phone icon which is present at the bottom of Zune software.

If you want to transfer the pictures, then select “Pictures” under collection and follow the same procedures as above.

In some cases, you cannot see all the music files and pictures on your PC in the collection option. This is because, the Zune will display the files which were stored in the Libraries. So, don’t get panic if you cannot find the files. Just transfer music files to “My music” folder and pictures to “Pictures” in Libraries and then you will find it on Zune.
To view the transferred files, open up music folder in your phone and it will display all the transferred files from Zune.


That’s it; this is how we can easily transfer files from your PC to Nokia Lumia 800.

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  1. Zune is really a cool software, Thanks for sharing the article as I was facing the problem of no files on your system,,But after moving it to libraries I could easily transfer the files now.

  2. hiiiii.. i m having nokia lumia 800 and i m not able to apply new themes on it and i m not able to transfer any type of file(exl., word) from pc using universal cable..

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