How to Uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 7

With many users preferring to go with Firefox and Google Chrome than going with Internet Explorer, drastically there has been a decline in users who use Internet Explorer. What is Microsoft thinking of it now?

With the latest release of Windows 7, you can uninstall Internet Explorer and this could be much relief to many of them. With the new updates you can remove the Internet Explorer right from through your Windows Features dialog. Since Internet Explorer’s rendering engine is through the Windows and through the third-party applications as embedded components it wouldn’t completely uninstalled but it will uninstall only the executable files. But still that would make a lot of people happier because anywhere in the PC if you click on help it wouldn’t be leading to opening of Internet explorer. Many users are exploiting ways to open those help pages by Microsoft in Firefox.

Uninstall Internet Explorer Procedure

It’s quite easy to uninstall and a normal can to do it, follow this procedure –

  1. Click on Start button and search out for ‘Windows Features’. From the results select ‘Turn Windows features On and OFF’. This options does your work in easy way by provides uninstall options of games, Indexing services, Information services and other services with simple check and uncheck.Windows IE Uninstall Procedure
  2. You need to uncheck ‘Internet Explorer 8’ now.Windows IE Uninstall
  3. Confirm your work, by a click on Yes.Windows IE Uninstall
  4. The procedure would take few minutes and once its done it would then ask for a restart to your PC. Do it.Windows IE Uninstall

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