How to uninstall Service Pack 1 in Windows 7

windows 7 LogoRecently many of us who are currently on Windows 7 operating system has installed the Service Pack 1 beta update which once loaded used to slow down the PC and also came with many issues like missing DVD drive, documents and folders options to name a few bugs. Many of the users asked us on how to uninstall this unwanted service pack 1.

Always remember that whenever you apply or download any sort of update for your computer, it is advisable to apply the update if its only from Windows update channel because there are so many software in the world of Internet which are fake, so it’s very necessary to be careful while installing the same. Let’s check out the procedure with which you can uninstall the Service Pack 1 update on your Windows 7

Procedure to uninstall Service Pack 1 for Windows 7:

  • First, you need to click on Start and type in Windows Update in Start menu search field and press enter to open Windows Updates window.

search windows update

  • Now, after Windows Update window opens up, on the left hand side of the window, you will find an option Installed Updates, now simply click on it as shown below:

windows update

  • Now, as you can see that Installed updates page has been opened up and you can see that Windows 7 SP1 entry on the right pane of the window. All you need to do now is to Right-click on the service pack entry and simply click on Uninstall to begin uninstalling of the service pack as shown below.

installed updates

  • Now, click on Yes if you are prompted with the confirmation box shown below as it just confirms the uninstallation.

uninstall update

  • Now, you need to wait for some few minutes as system processes the uninstallation process and as soon as the process gets completed, you will be advised to reboot the machine.

wait till program uninstalls

Just reboot the system and there you go, you have now successfully uninstalled or removed the Service Pack update from your system with simple steps.

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