How to Use Hibernate in Windows XP

One of the reason by which people liked Windows XP is that it can quickly turn off your PC with your data being restored so that next time when you reload your PC the same content is invoked. This process is called Hibernation.

Hibernation is the feature of operating system where content of the RAM are written to hard disk before powering the computer off. When the computer restart and loads the same functions are loaded back to you. Hibernation is usually faster than shutting down your windows and re starting all the programs. Unlike shutting down of your PC requires closing of all the applications, Hibernate doesn’t require any of your processes to be closed. To enable hibernation hard disk consumes some space to restore the data during frequent hibernates.

Hibernation is a handy tool for laptops and can automatically make laptop to hibernate in case of low battery alarm. Here is how you hibernate in Windows XP environment, the process is quite same is all environment of Windows but just minor alteration.

1. From Start you need to go to Control Panel.
enable hibernation in windows

2. Under Control Panel menu you can find Performance and Maintenance option.
Enable Hibernation in windows

3. Under that you need to go to Power Options.
Enable Hibernation in windows

4. This will display Power Properties for you and then you have Hibernate tab.
Enable Hibernation in windows

5. Under Hibernate tab you need to click on Enable Hibernation. For my computer, it consumes 894 MB to enable hibernation. This memory has to be kept for hibernation to be enabled.
Enable Hibernation in windows

Now then you can test it by yourself whether its working on or not, I am sure that it will work. Just like we have Windows XP shortcut for Shutting Down your windows i.e.,  Windows Button + U + U, we have shortcut button for quick  hibernating too. The shortcut button in Windows XP for quick hibernate is Windows Button + U + H. So when you press that shortcut if hibernation is enabled, then you PC powers off in not more than 10 seconds (for my pc it takes 8 seconds, it may depends).

Hibernation is ideal for use in home and if small offices where when there is power-cut you can suddenly power off your PC instead of closing all the running applications.

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