How to use Windows XP mode in Windows 7 virtually

windows xp in windows 7 logoHave you ever wanted to use Windows XP operating system on your Windows 7 operating system, no I’m not talking of by dual operating system boot procedure but with virtual PC based environment. XP Mode is basically a virtual based environment which can be installed and operated on a compatible Windows 7 Starter, Home, Professional, Enterprise or even Ultimate operating system.

I know you might be eager to try this one out if your system only has Windows 7 currently but let’s just quickly check out the requirements in order to install the same. The requirements are: Windows 7 Starter, Home, Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise edition, a minimum of 2GB of RAM, Intel Virtualization technology (Intel VT) or AMD virtualization (AMD-V). Also, there are some visualization needs too which needs to be satisfied like Intel virtualization tool or AMD virtualization tool for which you need to know whether these tools are sHow to upported by your pc or not.

As soon as you check this compatibility, you need to visit here where you will need to select the Operating system you are in and then need to download the preferred Windows XP Mode from Windows XP Mode, Windows Virtual PC or from Windows XP Mode update. Please note that Windows XP Mode is a 500 Mb file and may take several minutes to download if you are connected on a slow network. Windows XP Mode update enables Windows XP Mode for PCs without Hardware Assisted Visualization Technology.

windows virtual pc

Once you have installed Windows XP Mode, you need to click on the Windows 7 Start button and then select All Programs, Windows Virtual PC and then you have to select Windows XP Mode to begin setup.  Though this process is bit of a time consuming, but this is a onetime procedure as you can access Windows XP operating system on your Windows 7 operating system virtually without having to dual boot your system.

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