How to View Playable Videos in VLC Player as Wallpaper

Do you know what is this? How this is possible?

video in VLC Media Player

For you this picture looks just like Windows background wallpaper but this is actually the video which is playing in the background of my windows. So how exactly this is possible? Can you set video playing as background and view just like theater movie?

Yes its very much possible to set your current movie which is playing on your computer. This is not possible with the media player and you just need to have VLC Media Player which is a free player which almost plays all the videos of any format.

VLC Player is rated among the top most media player of recent times and for a home computer just VLC player is enough to cover all the media playback. So back to topic, the above screenshot is a movie which is playing in my VLC player and I set it to play it in Windows background. Upto my knowledge this is only possible in VLC Media player and rest of the media player might not have this option.

How to Get Video on Windows Wallpaper

To get video playback as the background wallpaper you need to play a video in VLC Media Player.

Now under the Video tab you need to click on DirectX Wallpaper option which will set your current background into temporary video playable background and the movie which you are watching would be played automatically in the background. Once you close the main media player it will automatically be backed to your previous theme background.
video in VLC Media Player

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