How to Install apps from Windows Phone 7 Market Place

Pleaces WP7 LogoFor all those who have recently come across the phone called Windows Phone 7, you might want to know on how actually and simply install the applications on your Windows Phone 7 as the biggest issue withj the Windows Phone 7 is that one cannot install the applications from the third parties which is nothing but that side loading of the applications is not allowed in WP7. So, the only way left from where one can install the apps is from the Windows Phone 7 market place, so let’s check out the same in the due course of this article.

  • From the home screen on your Windows Phone 7, you will have to first up swipe the screen towards left so as to get the list of applications present in your WP7.
  • From there you will have to find the “Market Place” option on which just tap the same to open the same.
  • Now, as soon as you tap on the Market place option, you will see that there will be 3 options along with the phone specific option in the WP7 Marketplace out of which there will be three categories in all WP7 phones that are apps, games and music with the phone specific app category as in the case of HTC it will be HTC Apps.
  • So, to find an application, just tap on the appropriate category after which you will again find the sub categories as you can see in the below video.
  • So, just tap on the application which you wish to download after which you will find all the details like details about the application, screen shots of the application, comments, ratings, reviews and also the related applications of the same genre.
  • Now after going through all this, just tap on the install option to install the same after which it will confirm the purchase and then choose the option to allow“ the access and then finally tap on the install option to install the same on your Windows Phone 7.
  • To check the status on whether the app has been installed on your phone or not then simply tap on the “Check install” to find the same.

So, in this way you can easily install the application from the Windows 7 Marketplace.

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  1. As i mentioned earlier you can change the country in the windows live account with which your phone is linked to and enjoy all the apps.

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