The term beauty sleep is famous for a reason, and that too let us tell you a pretty solid one. The hours in a day are somehow not enough, and most of us are skimping on sleeping regularly to get more done. This is not intelligent because a lot of the processes in our body needs proper rest.

Lighter Complexion

The adequate and sound sleep maintains a brighter complexion and fights against skin dullness. Sleep is the key in looking your best all the time even when you wake up and even without layers of makeup.

When we cut our sleep cycle, we are actually cutting short the time and ability of your body to repair itself including the skin. Less sleep and restlessness results in visible early signs of ageing. Once the damage is done then no matter how many valid promo codes uk you use to get loads of skin products that natural glow won’t return.

Nothing Works Without Sleeping

A healthy diet and regular work out sure is the way to great skin and overall health, but if you are not taking a minimum of 6 hours of sleep, it will affect your weight loss plan. So, in short, clean eating and regular exercising are not getting you skinny until you are completing the ever famous beauty sleep. Another astonishing fact is the deprivation of sleep increases the appetite and takes away the motivation to exercise.

The Three Crucial Stages

First Stage

As soon as we go into sleep, the brain starts working on repairing the body cells. The human growth hormone is produced during the first three hours of sleep. This hormone is essential to maintain youthful and radiant skin. The decrease in the production of this hormone makes skin unable to repair the daily damage, and thus the ageing process begins.

Second Stage

The melatonin is increased in the middle two hours of the sleep. Although this hormone regulates circadian rhythm that is sleeping and waking up the pattern it also works as an antioxidant and protects the skin from free radicals.

Third Stage

The final three hours are also known as the active REM sleep stage the cortisol level decreases. Cortisol is commonly referred to as the stress hormone. The temperature of the skin is at its lowest point which allows the relaxation of muscles and provides the most profound recovery.

All in all the time you spend on the internet to find online promo codes so you can buy skin care products should be spent sleeping.

Ways Lack Of Sleep Affect Our Beauty

If crawling into bed because it is time to sleep is not enough to convince yourself to have a proper 6 to 8 hours of sleep then read these few ways how lack of sleep is damaging your appearance.

  • Sleep deprivation is a form of stress to the body and stress can cause hair loss
  • Less sleep means increase in cortisol which causes inflammation and breaks down skin proteins.
  • Body rebalances extra moisture during sleep and missing on sleeping means you are leading yourself towards the drier skin.
  • Dark circles are very commonly associated to lack of sleep, and it is not wrong.
  • Not sleeping properly harms the integrity of collagen. Breaking down of collagen shows signs of ageing as it makes the skin thinner and show wrinkles prominently.
Is Beauty Sleep A Myth?
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