Jelly Smash – Candy Crush like game for Windows – Details, Download link

Candy Crush is a very popular game that is available on Android and many of us are waiting for this game to hit the Windows Phone, we do not know when we can see this game on Windows devices and not sure if it’s really going to come to Windows. Well don’t worry, because we have the Jelly Smash game that is very similar to the Candy Crush game that we see on the Android platform.

The Jelly Smash game is from the developers of the Angry Gran game that was released few months ago. The game is all about crushing the candies and completing the given task within the given number of moves. There is also a surprise for those who play this game as the character of the Angry Gran is included between the game but it is not concerned with the actual game.

Jelly-Smash-1 Jelly-Smash-2 Jelly-Smash-3

Jelly-Smash-4 Jelly-Smash-5 Jelly-Smash-6

Users have many levels to be completed to unlock the gate by solving the puzzle to move to the next level. There are some special areas in the game where you get boosters, just shoot the Jellies diagonally, Smash them hard to reach jellies with diagonal shooter specials. You also have the option of rewind time just in case if you want to switch back to your previous move unlike the candy crush game, where you have no option of re-playing the last move that you made by mistake.

The Rainbow Jelly is just like a booster, you just need to discover its secret and use it accordingly in the game to your advantage. There are 50 levels of Smashing Jelly’s where you can enjoy the colorful match 3 game, where the jellies smash to bits when you match three of same color. The app comes with in-app purchase and get connected with your friends on Facebook so that you can share your high score and ask for help when you are finding trouble in unlocking an stage.

The size of the game is 20 MB that you can download directly from the Windows store or click here (download link) to download it. If you have already downloaded this game, let us know how this game is.

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