Mac – Sync Music, Photos & Videos from iTunes to Windows Phone 7

Mac logoIf you are the one who can’t get over with the offerings by the Mac then for all those Microsoft too has something for you. Microsoft has recently launched a beta version of Windows phone connector for Mac which is a basic utility which lets users to sync music, videos, photos and the podcasts from the iTunes as well as the iPhotos to your Windows Phone 7 device. Also, recently Microsoft came out and said in a public that Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac will be very appealing for the Apple users and will be interesting to try this one out as it doesn’t start with “i” on a funny note.

Rather than installing a separate program for organizing and syncing with the media in your phone, the Windows Phone 7 connector conveniently harnesses the iTunes and iPhotos so that you can effortlessly plan your organizing components. Also, this tool will promisingly keep the media synced with the MAC as well as the Windows Phone 7 devices. Note that, Certain media files in your iTunes or iPhoto library are protected and you can’t sync this media to other devices. And also, You can sync photos and videos captured on your phone to one computer only. When you connect your phone to a second computer, the photos and videos that were synced with another computer will not sync with the second computer.

Sometimes, Windows Phone 7 can’t play Apple loss less encoded (AAC) files, so in this case you need to Convert the Apple loss less encoded (AAC) file to a compressed AAC file. In iTunes, hold down CONTROL, and then click the media file that you want to convert to compressed AAC file and then you need to Click on the Create AAC Version.

Though a free 5MB utility is still in the primary beta stages, one it officially launches then its sure to attract many of the Apple users as its new and simple way to sync things. Basically, Windows 7 phone Connector runs on OS X 10.5 or on later versions.

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