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Microsoft Surface LogoIn an age of innovation which is just growing day by day, it’s now evident that a digital wave of revolution has arrived as in this article we will now see on what is an all new setup which will soon turn into the reality and this time by none other than from the tables of Microsoft. You might have heard about the slate which is in the form of Apple iPad and the all new Microsoft Surface with which you can not only paint your imagination but also can do a whole new lot of things.

You might have saw the first version which is launched by the Microsoft  in the year 2008 and now in the year 2011 this is the Microsoft surface which is no less than a size of a table. This table is so much interactive that you can just do everything, right from watching images to the listening music to the watching videos, one can just do everything with this device.

Though this device is not that much touch sensitive, but its hopeful of coming up with a better touch sensitivity in the future time of course. There are a whole new lot of applications which this Microsoft Surface comes with. Right from spinning the disc to the playing of an interactive game called Chess, you can just use the way you want to. With the help of cool DJ app you can easily mix and match all forms of music. Also, there are applications which can read the mobile phones.

This surface can be very useful for some stores which wants to transfer the songs, ringtones or even the images to the phone which just needs to be placed on this surface and the data can be transferred easily.

One can also create the applications and also one has to customize the applications as well as data so that you can make the most out of it. Since its too bulky, it will be optimized so that it becomes much more lighter than the existing one. This surface is just like the computer and can be turned Off just like a PC and also the default main screen has just an awesome display of graphics.

You can also refer the Video on how and what a Microsoft Surface looks like.

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