Nokia Lumia 800 – How to Setup Find my Phone & Track Phone’s Location

Nokia Lumia 800, a beautiful handset with wide variety of features and functionalities was out in the market. The best thing about this is, as soon as it was released a huge number of devices have been sold out and now it is in a competition with other gigantic manufacturers. So, coming back to our track, we are here to help you out to find your Lost Nokia Lumia 800 mobile with a simple tutorial. Yeah! it will always be frustrating if you lose your phone in your surroundings and you are unable to get it. But, Windows Phone has finally made an option to find back your mobile.

Nokia lumia

As soon as you got Nokia Lumia 800 in your hands, you need to set up “Find My Phone”, so that even if you lost your phone you can get back to it easily.

How to setup Find My Phone:

  • Open “Settings” in your mobile and tap on ‘Find My Phone’ option.
  • Now, you will get an option to sign in or create an account for Windows Live. So, move further and create an account and login into the Windows Live.
  • This login credentials will be helpful to you to enter into site when you lost your phone.
  • In setting up this ‘Find My Phone’ you can select these both options(only one can also be selected), Connect to these features faster (may use more battery) and Save my location every few hours for better mapping. These will help you to find and track your mobile very easily.

How to find your Lost Nokia Lumia 800 mobile:

  • Open up the browser in your PC and type Then you need to sign in with the Windows Live ID which you used on your phone.
  • Now, you will see various options, so move further and click on “My Phone”. Under ‘My phone’ click again “Find My Phone” and follow the instructions in the dialog box to find the location of your lost mobile.
  • You can make your mobile ring, lock and erase using this ‘Find My phone’ option.
  • Click on “Ring”: You phone will starts ringing and so you can easily find out the lost mobile in your surroundings.
    Click on “Lock”: Lock the phone and unlock it when you got it back. So, it is always advised to set a password for unlocking. Even you can also set a message on the display screen.
    Click on “Erase”: To erase your mobile, click this option and you can also stop this action by clicking “Cancel”.

lost mobile

NOTE: In order to track your mobile’s location, it should have internet access.

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