Nokia Pure Font to be part of Nokia Windows Phones

Nokia Pure LogoWhile the countdown begins for the release of the Nokia’s Windows Phone 7, we are here to talk about all the latest when it comes to the Windows Phone 7 as we will be covering the whole showdown of the Windows Phone 7 at Windows Total. So, in a similar move last time we saw or heard about an all new font from Nokia which is dubbed as the Nokia Pure Font which is the new corporate identity of nokia when it came to the fonts now may become a part of the upcoming Nokia’s Windows Phone 7.

While some of the sites are covering about the leaked Nokia 800 device wherein this phone was found with the font which was not of Windows native and was in fact none other than Nokia Pure font which clearly suggests that Nokia Pure Font is the way to go on all the Nokia’s WP7 Phones.

Nokia Pure

Along with this font we also expect to be another font which is none other than the Segoe WP font which too is a part of the Windows Group. So, now all eyes are on the Nokia’s World Conference which will be held in London on October 26 and on October 27. Do let us know your thoughts as well as the comments on this all new font of the Nokia’s Pure font adoption in the new Windows Phone 7 lineup which is in collaboration with the Nokia.

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