Nokia Windows Phone Mobiles arriving soon again

Nokia LogoSome say that Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 may arrive in the month of December for Christmas but we have an exclusive information wherein we have got inputs from our close sources that the Nokia’s Windows Phone will be unveiled in the month of November itself and as per the information we got, this phone will be unveiled in only 6 countries which are in UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and in France. The first phone which will be unveiled will be called as the “Nokia Windows Phone 7.5”.

After the recent steep slide of the market share for Nokia, it’s now make or break situation with its Windows association and also Nokia is in such a stage where in it has to pull themselves out from the current situation or else Android as well as the Apple will keep gaining the market share and Nokia will stay behind despite its association with Windows. This phone will also be powered with the latest version of Mango 7.5 version of Windows Phone and also will be coming up with the Internet Explorer 9.

Nokia Windows Phone 7.5

Do stay tuned to the for full and detailed coverage on the Windows Phone 7 as we will update the site as in when the latest happens on this front.

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