How to get Nokia X Theme (Launcher) on your Windows Phone Mobile

Nokia X is the first Android based Smartphone that Nokia has come up with, which was unveiled at the MWC 2014 held in Spain and which made a major impact in the market. The Nokia X has similar interface as what we see in the Windows Phones but the start screen on it is different as it features Icons, color tiles and many other things. Many of the Lumia series Smartphone users might love this start screen which is available in the form of a launcher.

Nokia X Launcher is an app that will replace the start screen on your Windows Phone and gives you Nokia X start screen from where you can easily accesses your Smartphone. However you shouldn’t quit the app or go away from the app or else you will be taken to your Windows home screen and Nokia X launcher won’t work. Followed are a few screenshots of the actual application.

Nokia-x-launcher-1 Nokia-x-launcher-2

Nokia-x-launcher-3 Nokia-x-launcher-4

To get this launcher go to the app store and search for “Nokia X Launcher”, Download the sane which will not take much time to complete and then you are ready to use it as the download size is just one MB. You can launch most of the app that are available on your Windows Smartphone directly from home screen using this launcher and here are the list of apps that can be accessed directly, as the screen shots attached shows the same.

  • Phone, People, Messaging
  • Internet (Browser), Email Store
  • MixRadio, Gallery, Camera
  • Facebook, Skype, Twitter
  • WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat
  • HERE Transit, HERE Maps, HERE Drive+

This is the order of the apps that you would see on the Nokia X launcher screen, where many of the Important apps are on the screen. You can see Microsoft’s famous apps like the HERE Maps, HERE Drive and HERE Transit. Many new feature updates can be expected in the coming days and this app is not related to Nokia or Microsoft in any way.

This is a simple app what will give the Nokia X experience and you can down load this app from the app store or directly click here (Windowsphone Store Link). You can also read our Nokia X review and watch out the detailed video below.

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