Open Windows 7 Theme Pack Wallpapers on other Operating systems

Windows 7 LogoYou need not require Windows 7 operating system to run your favorite Windows 7 theme pack wallpapers, even on Windows XP, Vista or even on Linux you can open the same. So, let’s check out how you can open the same easily on your system which is not having Windows 7 operating system. Generally, the Windows 7 theme packs are very popular as these are very rich in graphics as Windows 7 is the most advanced set of operating system. This article will be very helpful for those who haven’t tasted or used the Windows 7 operating system but love the wallpapers of the latest Windows 7 theme packs.

Procedure to open Windows 7 theme pack on XP, Vista and Linux:

  • Before we proceed to open the windows 7 theme pack let’s download the Fireworks.themepack.
  • As soon as you download this file, you need to install a file compression utility tool which is 7Zip, since this tool is an open source, you can download this for free for your Windows as well as for Linux based computers. You can download 7 Zip 32 bit x86 or 7 zip 64-bit x64.
  • Now, you need to right click on the downloaded Windows 7 Theme Pack, select, 7-Zip and select Extract to.. to the location of your choice.
    • extract themepackNow, just open the extracted content after which you will find two items in it including folder Desktop Background along with another file .theme file.

    fireworks two files

  • Now, just open the Desktop Background folder as shown above and you will find all the wallpapers of the theme pack right on your computer screen as shown below.
  • desktop backgrounds

    So, by following the above procedure, you can easily make use of the Windows 7 theme packs in any of the operating systems, be it Windows XP, Windows Vista or even the Linux. The above procedure has been shown for Windows based computers but in the same way you can use use it for even the Linux based computers.

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