Windows Phone 7 to come with Tango & Apollo Updates


Finally, Microsoft has come with the great strategies to be in competition with Android and iOS. The main focus of Microsoft is now on Windows Phone and it has made a clear plan to bring Tango and Apollo updates in 2012. According to the sources, a leaked roadmap of Microsoft indicates that Tango would launch in Q2 of 2012 and ...

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Create Themes for Windows Phone 7 Devices with Homebrew App


Windows Phone have a beautiful screen interface and all its users love to add various themes to the background. The tiles add much more beauty to it, but by default, you are not allowed to apply the customized images on to each tile. So, you are restricted to enjoy only the default themes on the tiles. But don’t get disappointed, ...

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Download Bazaar XAP – Alternative Apps Marketplace for WP7


Bazaar is an alternative market place in Windows phone 7 platform wherein you can download apps and tweaks. But, the fact about the Bazaar is, it is not an official market place and the apps which are available in Bazaar were rejected by the Microsoft’s approval team. Even then, we can install this Bazaar on the Windows Phone 7 by ...

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How to Create New Beacons in Xbox 360 Metro


It’s really an amazing and exciting experience to play the games along with our friends. Xbox has made this possible with its new update which allows you to create Beacons using which you can play the games along with your friends. Beacons allows you to invite your friends to play the game which you are playing and vice versa. How ...

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How to Disable Aero Interface on Windows 7 & Vista

Windows Vista

All those who are not satisfied with the Windows Aero GUI (In fact which needs high capacity video card for high performance) on Windows 7 can disable it simply and can have the basic themes. The process is quite simple and is different for Windows 7 and Vista. How to disable Aero on Windows Vista: Step 1: Right click on ...

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Troubleshoot Common Aero Desktop Experience Errors in Windows 7

Microsoft blessed Windows 7 with Aero Desktop Experience UI, which makes it look cooler and more elegant. Though Aero Desktop mainly runs fine on modern computer hardware but it also works well with middle level hardware also. Aero Desktop Experience includes effects such as transparency, Aero Peek, Aero Snap and Aero Shake. It gives Windows 7 – the cooler look. ...

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