Preview Docs & Files without Opening in Windows 7

If you open few tabs or few windows in your Windows 7 Operating System them the desktop looks like full, in that case, I would like to rather prefer Windows XP. So a kind of preview for certain items which with one click will let you see what the file contains can make your work easier and faster.

Windows 7 has got the feature of Preview Pane which will let you shorten the time spent on looking for stuff in your computer. Be it images and wallpapers, you can one click it and can preview it on the right side of the main window.

How to Turn on Preview Pane in Windows 7

Windows 7 feature Preview Pane is turned off by default and you need to enable it. Here is the procedure on how you do it.

  • Navigate to any folder in your hard drive.
  • From Navigation bar drop down Organize to select Layout and then click on then select Preview Pane. Make sure it ticked correctly.Preview Pane
  • Now as soon as you do that you have preview pane in the right side bar. This is the one preview of a image file.Preview PaneThis is not all you can preview video, audio songs, pictures, wallpapers, icons, text and other media.Preview Pane

You can turn on the Preview Pane by a simple shortcut key “Alt + P”. So simple trick but quite helpful in saving time for you. So does this save time for you?

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