Process to Disable Disk Burn function in Windows 7

Last few articles we have covered about mostly on Windows 7 Phone like Install apps from Windows Phone 7 Market Place, Pin Websites on Windows 7 Phone Browser and Setup Email Account on Windows Phone 7. This time we return back to Windows 7 operating system tips and tricks. We go with Disabling the Disk Burn function to that its unavailable to others including you.

With basic Windows burning tool it’s not required to search out for Nero Express for burning of CDs and DVDs. In a quite easy and operating system friendly manner you can burn files to a disk.

Did you know that you can disable the Windows default CD burning feature and again when you want you can enable it. This has very limited usefulness but can be options for the users. I am not sure whether this is available in Windows XP but I am sure that this is possible in Windows 7.

Here is the process of disabling Disk Burn Feature in Windows 7 –

  1. Click on Start and in the search field type gpedit.msc
  2. In the left pane go deep into the following Folder  under User Configuration – Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components > Windows ExplorerDisable CD Burn List
  3. In the right hand pane scroll down until you find Remove CD Burning Features and Double click it.Disable CD Burn Option
  4. This will open a separate windows and than click on Enabled, then OK.

The above setting will temporarily remove the Burn CD option from your Windows. There will be only one procedure to enable it which is mentioned above.



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  1. nice find,but why one would disable if it is enabled

  2. If they use any other third party software then do not want them to collide.

  3. Depends, if someone wants it that way.

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