Rebuild Search Indexing & Delete Files in Windows 7

The latest release from Microsoft of their Windows version i.e., Windows 7 is the advance upgrade to their Windows Vista and provides better options and quick ways to performing your task. We have beautiful Windows 7 themes, Video desktop wallpapers and lot more in Windows 7.

Windows 7 uses the index to perform the fast searches on your personal computer. Proper indexing the files on your PC will enable Windows to perform very fast searches but Microsoft suggest that index on those files which are used very frequently or else routine searches will be slowed.

1. Go to Control Panel.

2. In the control panel would be able to locate Indexing Options.

3. When you open indexing problem click on Advanced button to enter into advanced settings.
Indexing  in Windows 7

4. In the Advanced options click on Rebuild button to start building indexing (rebuild).

Indexing  in Windows 7

5. Click on OK to take the settings into effect.

This process can take a long time if you have many files to be indexed. One of the reason why Windows Vista was a failure is that it has crap search engine indexing problem & left the users dry without any solution. But its looks to be very good built in Windows 7.

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