How to Refresh & Reset Windows 8 PC with a Click

The Windows 8 OS which is going to feature Metro Style UI was unveiled today at California with a huge list of some useful features. Here is one of those which can help you out. Lets say you plan to sell your computer or else have made some mistakes with the basic settings on your computer. The Windows 8 based Operating System offers you with a very simple way to fix these problems.

To get this task done you need to visit the Control Panel and then under the ‘General’ option you will find this setting. The first one is about Refreshing your Computer and this option will give you the following :

  • Your files and personalization settings won’t change
  • Your PC Settings will be restored to their defaults
  • Apps from the Windows Store will be kept. Alll other apps will be removed.

Windows 8 Refresh PC

The Reset options is useful when you plan to sell your Laptop or Tablet and would like to restore it to factory default settings. In this case the setting is available in the Control Panel and would offer you the following.

  • Your personal files & apps will be removed
  • Your PC settings will be restored to their defaults

Windows 8 Reset PC

You can read about all the Windows 8 Features at!

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