How to Remove Send Feedback Link from the Title Bar

windows 7 Beta 1Windows 7 has been a good operating system and we have seen lot of people providing positive reviews about it. Windows 7 has lot more than the earlier versions like auto install of printer drivers, audio driver or any other drivers. More to add you can add Telnet Client in Windows 7 and amazing Windows 7 themes easy adding.

Beta 1 of Windows 7 update places the Send Feedback link in the toolbar of each windows that you open. It happens that you would be clicking it accidentally through this link very often and I think you would be looking for a solution to remove it.

Remove Send Feedback Button Windows 7

Following here is the procedure on how to remove “Send Feeback button” in each windows of Windows 7.

1. Open Notedpad.

2. Copy the following and paste it in the notepad of the new notepad that you have opened and then save it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] “FeedbackToolEnabled”=dword:00000000

3. Make sure that you save the file as remove_send_feedback_link.reg.

4. Double Click the new file to merge it with Registry and as you have double clicked the file it will open for you, confirm the perform action.

5. Now its just a restart to your pc away that will remove this button for you.

Windows 7 beta 1 users are notified about this because Windows actually wants to get feedback from the customers so that they can improve it in a better way.

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