How to Set up Windows Live Hotmail POP3 and SMTP Manually

Windows Live Hotmail is one of the most popular web based emailing service. And you need your email account where ever you go. Almost all phones has facility of Push Mail, to use push mail service on your phone or to manually configure you desktop email client like Office Outlook, Thunderbird etc. to receive emails from your Windows Live Hotmail account, you need to do few settings.


Nowadays Windows Live mobile app is available for almost all mobile platforms, all you need is just to download and install mobile app in your device and it will automatically configure your phone for push mail service. And the same is in the case of desktop clients, most of the new email clients just requires your username and password and they configure your Hotmail account automatically.

But if you want to configure them manually, here is a small tutorial on how to configure push mail service for Windows Live Hotmail service manually. You need to know Hotmail POP3 and SMTP settings to configure it.

Some of you may be thinking of actually what is POP3, actually it is a way to receive a copy of e‑mail messages on your devices. It doesn’t sync e‑mail messages in other folders, if you use it on mobile phones. POP stands for Post Office Protocol and it is the most widely used protocol by email servers to sync a copy of your emails on your email client software or mobile phones.

Follow these simple steps to configure it:

1. Open the Mail box option and select Add/define New Mail Box option.

2. Name your Mail box as Windows Live Hotmail and move to other settings. And fill the values given here in the rest of the fields.

  • Incoming POP server:
  • Incoming POP mail port: 995
  • Outgoing SMTP server:
  • Outgoing SMTP port (primary): 25
  • Outgoing SMTP port (secondary): 587 (with TLS/SSL Encryption depending on your e‑mail app)
  • Incoming uses SSL: On (this is required)
  • Outgoing uses SSL: On (this is required)
  • Authentication: Password (the password you use to sign in to Hotmail)
  • Delete from server: When removed from inbox
  • Leave a copy on the server: Yes

3. In username and password field, give your Windows Live id and your password.

4. Now your client is configured and ready to use.

To download the app, on your mobile phone, go to Windows Mobile and click the link for the language you want.

These POP3 and SMTP setting are applicable on all desktop and mobile email clients. If you are having problem in configuring your device or email client for push mail service, do let us know about it. We may be able to solve your problem here!

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