How to Share, Pictures and videos on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 LogoUnlike some of the phones, Windows Phone 7 offers a whole new sorts of flexibility when it comes to the sharing of pictures as well as videos from your Windows Phone 7. Sharing exactly helps you to exchange the content from or to your phone from other devices which have bluetooth etc. by the medium which you can share all the data. So, in the due course of this article let’s check out the same and see on how one can easily share all the collection of pictures as well as Videos.

So, after taking Videos or snapping pictures on your Windows Phone 7, it’s time to share the same with your friends or to other devices.

Procedure to Share Pictures and Videos on WP7:

  • From your home screen of your Windows Phone 7, simply tap on the icon of “Pictures” which generally is the 2 x 2 tab as shown in the below video. As soon as you tap on the same, you will see that you will get many options like all, date, favorites etc.
  • Just tap on the “all” option to view all the pictures which are stored in your Windows Phone 7.
  • Now, if you want to share the pictures which are clicked from your Windows Phone 7 then simply tap on the “Camera Roll” option after which the image will be opened.
  • As soon as the image is opened, just tap on the 3 dots which is located at the bottom right side part of the screen after which you will see the options like “add to favorites”, “delete”, “upload to sky drive”, share and use as wallpaper. From the list of options, just tap on the “share” option.
  • Again after tapping on the share option, you will see many means with which you can share the content that is from Messaging, Hotmail or from any other mail id which you have paired and not to forget you can even upload the same to your Sky Drive.
  • So, if you wish to send the same with the help of email address then tap on the email address which is paired and then after which you just need to enter the recipient address followed by the body and subject.
  • If you wish to add multiple images to the mail then just tap on the center button from your WP7 which is the attachment button and then simply select the pictures which you wish to send. Since the WP7 doesn’t allow to attach multiple files at one go, you will have to choose the pictures individually.
  • In the same manner you can even send the videos by selecting the same. After attaching all the data you just need to tap on the “Send” option to send the same.

In the similar manner, you can even send the pictures as well as the videos with the help of Bluetooth and also to the Sky Drive account easily. So, in this way you can easily share all the pictures as well as Videos with your friends and also with other devices.

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  1. Hi- Perhaps you are using a non-USA phone, or a Mongoed version…? I’d love to find out how you so easily send video from your WP7 phone – or, more correctly, would love to know how to send video from my phone, a Samsung Focus, because it is a feature that does not exist.

  2. I seen a T-Mobile logo on the phone, so I’m guessing it’s the HD7 (Microsoft messed up when they made sure the cameras were good but the only thing you can do with them is snap a pic), it’s also possible he has a developer’s build of the Mango update because you can share videos.

  3. This is a HTC HD7 Mobile which is unlocked to be used anywhere around the world without any contract. We will look into this in detail and try to record a video if possible to show you a demo of the same. As of now this is not based on Mango!

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