While monsoon drives away the summer blues, it brings in a lot of skin and hair related issues. The greasy skin, pimples and frizzy hair is not just a problem of women, but for men as well.

You may think that since temperature is cooler, it shouldn’t really affect the skin. However, the excessive humidity and the moisture are known to bring a whole set of skin and hair problems. The write up has compiled the basic tips and tricks to be followed for every man around during this season. Check them out.

Dry skin

The dry skin is usually considered a boon during the humid rainy season. However, this skin texture has it’s own issue. The dryness is a sign of lack of skin repairing vitamins. The rainy season just worsens the condition by adding to the white flakes. Listed below are some of the tips that you need to consider during this weather.

  • Rinse the face and shower with lukewarm water. The water should not be very hot or very cold, otherwise it will stripe the skin of it’s essential natural oils.
  • At the same time, people with dry skin should stay away from alcohol based toners. Alcohol increase skin dryness. So, opting the water based alternatives is recommended, regardless of the season and occasion.
  • Use good cream based cleanser and moisturizing lotion to keep your skin healthy and nourished.


Oily skin

The oily skin suffers the most during this season. The humidity and the moisture content in the atmosphere aggregates the clogged pores and increases the sebum production. The extra oil on the skin increases the possibility of dirt retention and bacterial infection. Here’s what you can do in order to deal with these issues.

  • Too much cleansing simulates the skin to produce more oil. However, it is still important to deep cleanse the face at least thrice a week. A gentle scrubbing and cleansing can unclog the pores and remove the dirt.
  • Even the oily skin needs moisturizing. Use a water based moisturizer which is not very harsh on the face. It is more likely to get wet in the rains. In such case, a water based moisturizer will rinse of the excess of oil and will keep your skin hydrated.
  • Eating healthy food will reflect on your facial skin. Avoid eating the oily stuff and junk food during this season. Indulge in the seasonal vegetables and fruits. Have as much green vegetable as possible. At least 8 ouches of water is must in a day. This will give the much needed soft and supple texture to your skin.

Having talked about the facial skin, it is now time to discuss about other skin related issues. Excessive sweating and body odor is a natural phenomenon during this season. While you just can’t stop sweating, here are some of the ways to deal with body odor.

  • Bathe everyday with lukewarm water as mentioned above. Along with this, do not forget to have a shower after getting wet. Keep a spare cloth with you whenever you go out. The moisture retention makes the situation even worse. Change into fresh clothes soon after you get wet.
  • Apply antiperspirant in the body part which are more prone to sweating such as arm pits and others. However, avoid apply antiperspirant in the crotch. Wear the right men’s underwear style that is lightweight and airy. Choose the right fabric so that it allows air circulation and keeps your manhood dry.
  • Go for manscaping and remove the extra hair from your body. Shave your chest, pits and even crotch. The hair retain sweat that leads to body odor and other related problem.
  • Fungal infections, ring worm and rashes are some of the consequence of sweat retention. So, bathe twice a day, if possible, during the monsoon month. Switch to cotton fabric as it allows breathability to the body of the wearer.

Along with the skin, the hair is one of the most effected part of the body. While the ladies consider their hair as the crowning glory, men tend to ignore it. Even though your hair is short, the rain water coupled with the pollution can adversely affect them. Gear yourself up with these tips and make sure that your strands are healthy.

  • Remember to shampoo your hair every time you get wet. The rain water settles down entire dirt and dust on the head. So, it is important to rinse it with fresh water.
  • Do not use hair gel during this season as it will add to the greasy feel of the hair. Instead oil the hair at least once in a week.
  • Prevent the head form getting wet as much as possible. The acid rain can take a toll on the health of your strands.

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Skin and Hair Care Tips for Summer (Men’s Beauty)

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