How to Start Windows Media Center Automatically When Windows Starts

With Windows Media Center allows you to watch Internet TV, broadcast TV & DVR and play music. You can also burn CD/DVD, Sync content from Windows Media Center to portable device, record TV, play movies, play DVD, listen to radio and there are lot more you can do using Windows Media Center. Windows Media Center is included in Windows 7 Home Premium, Ultimate, Professional & Enterprise editions.

You can set Windows Media Center to start automatically when the Windows Starts. To do this you need to follow these steps to ensure that it works fine and easy for you.

1. Open Windows Media Center and go to Tasks.
2. In the Tasks tab click on settings when it appears.

Windows Media Center
3. Now Select the General tab from the list.
4. Now select the Startup & Windows Behavior from the General options available their.

Windows Media Center
5. Under the Startup and Windows Behavior you will find the options like Keep Windows Media Center on top, Show Taskbar notifications and lot more. From that tick ‘Start Windows Media Center when Windows Starts‘.

Windows Media Center
6. Now Click on ‘Save‘ to the take the settings into effect.

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