Top 10 Tips to Speed up your PC or Laptop Computer

Speed up your PC or laptop“MY PC or LAPTOP IS RUNNING VERY SLOW” is the common phrase many of us generally use. You will not use that irritating phrase once again, not anymore as we will now be checking out top 10 routine maintenance and cleanup steps which will help in boosting the speed of your computer. Please note, these 10 tips also can be applied for your laptop too.

1. De fragmentation: Many of us don’t take pain in defragmenting the drives as many of us have myth that this may spoil our computers or laptops. You should regularly defragment your hard drives from time to time like in every 4-8 months depending on your usage of computer or laptop. Generally, all the files in the system gets stored in a fragmented manner, what defragmenter does is, it organizes all files in a proper manner. Go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System tools>Disk defragmenter to defragment.

disk defragmenter

2. Get rid of unnecessary start up Programs:  You might have noticed several times that whenever you start your computer or laptop, many times you need to wait for a minute or two as it processes unnecessary start up programs which eats up your RAM like anything and you end up waiting for them to finish their processes. All you need to do is to download software with which you can delete the unnecessary start up tools. Download this software from here.

delete Startup programs

3. Delete temporary internet files: Though erasing temporary won’t change the system performance but will surely increase the speed of your internet browsing if you are tired of frequent page not opening messages. Open Internet Explorer, click on “tools” and select “Internet options” and delete the browsing history which includes temporary internet files.

delete browsing history

4. Disk Cleanup: This step is very important as this too affects the performance of the system. Disk cleanup clears temporary files, log files, recycle bin and also compressed files which get generated almost every time when you run your computer or laptop. How can you do this is, just right click on start, click on explore and then in the popped up window, right click on a drive and select “properties” and click on “disk cleanup”. It will first calculate the files which are to be cleaned select all and click on “OK”

disk cleanup

5. Remove unnecessary Programs if your hard drive is nearly full: If your hard disk is of 300 GB, then don’t load your hard disk beyond 260-260GB as it will load your computer’s RAM which will slow down your computer’s performance drastically.

6. Clean the Registries: If even a single file gets corrupted then your computer or laptop may face some serious damage. So, to avoid that always use a registry cleaner. One of the famous registry cleaner tools can be downloaded from here. It cleans and optimizes the registry files which in turn enhance the performance of your pc or laptop.

registry cleaner

7. Empty your Recycle Bin Regularly: Many of us ignore this but this too adds up to the load of the system as make it a habit of clearing your recycle bin regularly which will reduce the load on your computer which will enhance your computer’s performance.

8. Get Good Anti virus: This is the most important thing which is a must to be safe from any sort of threats or viruses. So, install a good anti virus in your computer or laptop to get protected. You can choose from any of the many available anti virus suites. Search it, they are available very easily.

9. Don’t keep your CPU or laptop in hot areas: Always provide sufficient ventilation to your PC or laptop, components inside the laptop or PC generates lot of heat, kindly provide sufficient ventilation with which the heat can escape easily or else this heat may hamper the PC or laptop.

10. Upgrade RAM if necessary: Even by following all the above steps you can’t get the satisfactory speed from your pc or laptop then its probably time to upgrade your RAM depending on your use.

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  1. Thanks for those steps on how to speed up your PC or laptop computer. You may also use TuneUp Utilities software. It is really awesome!

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