Top 5 Upcoming Windows 8 Ultrabooks you can buy

Microsoft is all set to release Windows 8 later this year and with the launch of Windows 8, a new range of next generation laptops, called Ultrabooks, will flood the market of computers. Ultrabooks are the next generation laptops which are much slimmer, lighter and powerful than the current generation laptops we are using.

All big PC industry giants are working tight to attract the consumers by equipping their ultrabooks with innovative features to increase its usability. Asus, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and many other companies already have showed off their ultrabook models in the market.

So, to clear up the mumble-jumble of which one to buy and which is the best one available in market, I am going to list the top 5 Windows 8 ultrabooks which you can buy without thinking too much.

Acer Aspire S7

It’s not the first time when Acer will launch an ultrabook in the market. Acer started the Aspire S series of ultrabooks with Aspire S3 last year and earlier this year showed off Acer Aspire S5 in the market as well. Both S3 and S5 are powered by Windows 7 and are the best ultrabooks known for Windows 7 after Samsung’s Series 9 ultrabooks.

The Acer Aspire S7 is specifically designed to work with Windows 8. The display of S7 will be touch enabled and will come in two different display sizes – 13.3 inch and 11.6 inch. The other specs include third generation Intel Ivy Bridge processors, the light-sensitive backlit, and Twin Air cooling system to keep temperature in control.

Though no more details about the configuration is right now available but one thing is sure that with its unique design and premium looks, it will rule the heart of consumers.

 Lenovo X1 Carbon

As the name shows, the body of Lenovo X1 Carbon is made up of carbon fiber. The carbon build makes this Ultrabook light, strong and stiff. This 14-inch Ultrabook weighs just three pounds and is just 18 mm thick.

Lenovo X1 Carbon is a ThinkPad series ultrabook, so it has got all the traditional features of ThinkPad stuffed in it perfectly. It has the deep backlit ThinkPad keyboard, smooth trackpad, and also an eraser head pointer with real mouse buttons. It has got USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, a Mini Display Port socket, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a fingerprint reader and a SD card slot. The resolution of the display is 1600×900 pixels and can bright up to 300 nits. It also features embedded 3G connectivity.

Same as Acer Aspire S7, nothing much was said on the hardware specification of the Ultrabook. All we know that Lenovo X1 Carbon will be powered by Intel’s Ivy Bridge lineup. It will be the favorite choice for elite enterprise users.

Asus Taichi

Asus Taichi features a dual IPS HD Display. You can use Taichi as an Ultrabook as well as a tablet. Asus Taichi will be available in two screen size i.e. 13.3 and 11.6. It is powered by core i7 Ivy Bridge Processor and 4 GB of RAM. It has got SSD storage, two USB 3.0 ports, Micro HDMI and mini Display Port.

There’s a 5-Megapixel rear camera and a font facing camera which is capable of producing HD Videos. Asus will launch it in the market with the general availability of Windows 8 later this year.

Toshiba Satellite U845W (U840W outside US)

In order to provide users a big Windows 8 Start Screen on their ultrabooks, Toshiba came up with an innovation and has launched Satellite U845W Ultrabook with display of 21:9 i.e. resolution of 1792×768 pixels.

The U845W’s display is of 14 inches when measured diagonally. Thickness at 0.81 inches, the Toshiba Satellite U845W is a bit thicker than other Ultrabooks out there. It is powered by Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors and can have RAM up to 10GB. The storage will be the combination of 500GB hard drive and 32GB SSD. It will have USB 3.0 ports, WiDi support, and a backlit keyboard.

Toshiba Satellite U845W will be released on July 15th for $999.99. Toshiba will launch it in UK markets in third quarter of this year with the price tag of £899 (around $1400).

Samsung Series 5 Ultra Convertible

The Samsung Ultra Convertible reminds me of Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga. It is called Convertible because its display can be folded back 360 degrees touching the ventilation system to give the feel of a tablet. The Series 5 Ultra Convertible has got the touch display of 13 inches with resolution of 1366×768 pixels.

The exact hardware configuration has not been made available by the company but as per current market trend, it will feature the Intel Ivy Bridge third generation processors.

There is no doubt in saying that the future is bright, light and stylish with Windows 8 Ultrabooks. So, which one you’ll choose from the list and why? Let us know in the comments section.

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